How to Use your Thoughts to Attract Abundance

Thoughts can turn into reality faster than you realize. But it takes more than just thoughts to make your biggest dreams come true. If you don’t truly feel your intention, it may never come to pass.

Our biography Is our Biology

“Our biography becomes our biology. Our biological selves don’t just form from nutrients and food. This forms from our lives experiences, from our emotions, from everything about ourselves and how we invest our energy into our past . . . Resentment and guilt dramatically damage the make-up of our body . . . Our emotional wounds have an incredible power over us; we pay an extremely high price to keep these wounds alive and this is the reason why some people don’t heal . . . When our body doesn’t heal, there is something we have not forgiven.”
Caroline Myss, Ph.D.


“The Law of your mind is the law of belief itself. What we believe makes us who we are” ~ William James, Philosopher