How to Use your Thoughts to Attract Abundance

Thoughts can turn into reality faster than you realize. But it takes more than just thoughts to make your biggest dreams come true. If you don’t truly feel your intention, it may never come to pass.

Within the seed of your desire is everything necessary for it to blossom to fulfilment, and Law of Attraction is the engine that does the work. — Abraham-Hicks

The Law of Attraction is a thought, a belief that says thoughts become actions. Whether we think positive or negative, we get some results. They will be positive if we have positive thoughts and negative if we have negative thoughts. That’s why we are constantly told – “Think Positive”.

It is such a natural approach that it can be applied for any thing, any time, in any circumstances, to manifest anything that you want, in any part of the universe, by anyone. No Exception. After all it’s a Universal Law. However, we must understand that the law involves much more than just thinking.

Thinking Is Not Enough

The first time many read about the Law of Attraction, they thought all they needed to do was think positive. Many believed they could achieve anything just by thinking about it. But it is difficult to achieve positive results merely by thinking. Besides, some thoughts turn into reality quickly while others take time.

More than anything else, we must feel our intentions. If you really want a new vehicle, go for a test drive in the vehicle you desire. Feel the vehicle and what it has to offer. Eventually you will see that vehicle on the roads everywhere you drive. Maintain the vibration of that intention and you will receive the vehicle. It should not be your concern how you will buy the vehicle or how you will receive it any other way…just know that it will happen through your intention. Think about anything you don’t want or fear, like ‘Will I fail the test?’, ‘I think I will not get the desired result’, ‘I hope we don’t meet an accident’, and you will soon be confronted with something similar. If you think you will fail the test, you definitely will, if you think you might meet with an accident, chances are you will. You must maintain a positive outlook through your heart center and feel positive outcomes, not just think them.

Feel positive, feel benefits, achievements. Feel the money you want to earn, or a beautiful relationship, or a scholarship, a trip abroad or something you have been longing for. How would that feel? Chances are that you will keep waiting for it and eventually forget about it. You may or may not receive it. That does not mean the Law of Attraction does not work for positive desires. It does, but your desires needs to be strong, consistent and it must always be there. If you through a boomerang, you must be there to catch it.

Wishes Take longer

Some people have stronger fears than desires. That’s why a small negative thought gets converted into action while a desire remains unfulfilled or takes longer to get fulfilled than expected.
Sometimes, we do not realize what desire we hold in our sub-conscious mind. Even though we may not think about it every day, it still holds a permanent place in our mind. Such desires do get fulfilled, but often go unnoticed. We do not actually think about how badly we wanted something after we have got it.

Dreams Come True

Some dreams and desires in our sub-conscious mind do get fulfilled. There is no timeline that can define when dreams turn into reality but if you have a positive belief and intention that they will soon materialize, they definitely will.

Experience shows that the Law of Attraction works best when you think negative, because it converts your thoughts into reality in no time. Think of a penalty and you get one, think of a cancellation and you do have to make one. But your bigger wishes need time to get fulfilled, while the smaller ones are a daily routine. That’s because the bigger dreams and desires, if get fulfilled routinely, will no longer remain big. Desires like owning your dream house or buying a luxury car, when they get fulfilled they make you feel truly blessed.

But it’s not about the dream house or dream car as most people know very well when they receive them. What give us more power than anything else is feeling loved. This doesn’t come from material possessions but from people. If you truly want to make changes in your life, then help yourself first and then others. Only then will you realize has powerful the law of attraction really is.



Adopted from – Michael Forrester Motivational speaker