What Is Hypnotherapy For?

As a life coach with training in hypnotherapy, I utilize hypnosis where needed as a tool to help you actualize your goals either by breaking down any emotional or mental roadblocks that hold you back, or replacing any fears or worries with faith, confidence, and courage.



Hypnotherapy combined with NLP can address a wide spectrum of issues.

Alcohol addiction
Losing weight
Compulsive Eating
Fears and Phobias
Low Self-Esteem
Panic Attacks
Public Speaking
Sleeping disorders
Stress Management



What Makes Hypnotherapy Unique Amongst the “talking therapies”?

With hypnotherapy we seek to enter into direct communication with the subconscious mind. This normally is under the control of the rational, conscious mind and is hard if not impossible to access. Through use of the trance state we can bypass the conscious mind and go deeper, dealing with those emotions which our rational minds tell us are painful, unacceptable or which occurred long in the past. Ironically the secret to dealing with these emotions is NOT TO confront them directly, but rather through the mechanism of the benefits of relaxation on memory storage and recall.