NLP or Neuro-linguistic Programming is a relatively recent discipline with its beginning in the mid-70’s under the flagship of Dr. Richard Bandler and John Grinder. With an emphasis in the connection between neurological processes (neuro), language (linguistic), and behavioural patterns, NLP is deemed very effective in changing patterns of mental and emotional behaviour, or simply put, changing your feelings and improving the emotions you feel on a regular basis.


What Are The Key Benefits Of Coaching With NLP?

Self-esteem/Personal Empowerment
Deeper understanding of personal strengths and how to access them at any time in any situation
Achieving more from all areas of life
Overcoming life’s obstacles
Greater work/life balance
Clearer goals and direction
Helping with career progression
Acquiring tools/techniques which will always be there to support you in the future


How Can NLP Work For You?

NLP, in a nutshell, allows you to change your programming be as that baby without fears as you once were. What NLP will essentially do is “erase” any negative emotions, the possible root to all current struggles,. By reprogramming the unconscious mind it helps individuals acquire greater self-confidence and stability.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming can help you overcome phobias in a single short session that traditional therapies would have taken months to merely improve on.

NLP patterns have also been adapted for improving interpersonal, communications and persuasion skills, so crucial in business communication