Reprogramming our Mind – Taking a Leaf from Forrest Gump

My favorite movie is Forrest Gump. Here’s a guy who didn’t know he wasn’t supposed to achieve greatly. He just did it. He ran across the country, played ping pong at a world championship level, saved his friends from certain death in a jungle of Vietnam, and disassembled his rifle in record time just to name a few of his achievements. He was not ‘smart’ enough to know that normal humans ‘can’t’ achieve these things.

We are all programmed in our youth to know our general direction in life and our limits. Nobody says to us “You will be a lawyer and make a £X per year.” Or “You will be a carpenter and make £50k per year.” Through a series of experiences and information we receive from parents and others, we form a subconscious image of what we should ‘be,’ how much money we are worthy of earning, how attractive we are (and therefore how attractive our mate should be), etc. If at any time we are ‘threatened’ with achieving beyond our subconscious boundaries in any of these areas, sabotage kicks in to bring us back in line. This happens so that we don’t get hurt and so that we don’t feel the pain of being uncomfortable, of being in the unknown, of violating our programming.

Sabotage is designed to protect us and to keep us safe. It’s also designed to punish us when we violate the programming of our parents, etc. It sends us to our rooms because we were ‘bad,’ it takes away our playmates because we were ‘bad,’ it doesn’t give us our allowance because we were ‘bad.’ We are living as children and thinking we are in control of everything, yet we are still being punished. So we have the aspect of sabotage that punishes us and the aspect that protects us by keeping us in the ‘safe’ zone.

Think about it, if you earned more money you might be expected to maintain that level of achievement and this could make your life uneasy. So you quit your high paying job “because it’s too corporate” or lose money in Casinos on a regular basis “because it’s fun to gamble, but the house always wins.” If you lost all that weight, you may attract attention from the opposite sex, which in the past has lead to problems. So you binge “just a few times a week because that’s not overdoing it.” If you stopped smoking, you would have to deal with those feelings of anxiety that led you to smoke. So you smoke “because this is a really stressful time. Next month will be a better time to stop.” You come up with some logical reason for your sabotage and then you go ahead and sabotage yourself.

You must know the old saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” If you are running a sabotage program in your mind, you will get to that water, but not allow yourself to drink. You will subconsciously destroy your chances of having success in that situation so that you can remain where you felt safe or feel you deserve to be.

Hypnosis offers an easy solution to all of this. It reprograms your mind to eliminate those barriers. Those who think they cannot be hypnotized or that they are ‘smarter’ than that need only to look around. Everything in their lives is due to hypnosis — everything: their mate, their lack of a mate, their car, the amount and type of assets in their portfolio, their debt, their job, their friends, everything. They are programmed to gravitate toward certain situations and people and to accept them in their lives. If we want to change any part of our lives, we must first prepare our minds to accept the change, otherwise we will go right back to where we are pre- programmed to go, where we feel safe, where we feel we belong.

Why do some people work really hard for a college degree and stop right before they get it? Things come up, they get married, they get busy at work, they run out of money. Nonsense. If you really want something and feel you are worthy of it, you will find a way to get it. What really happens is that their programming kicks in and they stop because they are about to exceed a pre-set limit. Why do some people get engaged several times but never married? Often it is because they are pre- programmed to sabotage marriage to avoid pain. Perhaps they saw their mother suffer through an abusive marriage and their mind programmed them to avoid that pain. So they choose a potential mate that subconsciously they know will not work out, or they simply back out of the situation, or they begin engaging in a series of actions devised by their subconscious mind to undo the relationship.

Sabotage is not you working against yourself, it is you trying to keep yourself safe. The problem is that when we get a bit older and want certain things consciously, we are subconsciously programmed not to have those things.

That’s where hypnosis can help. The subconscious mind can be reprogrammed. Rather than just deciding to allow more money, a better mate, better health, etc. into your life, it is infinitely more powerful to reprogram yourself on a subconscious level, to delete the outdated programming and allow the updated programming in. If you are running Windows 95 on your computer, you need to update to the current version. You don’t get there by wishing it to be so, or acting as if it is so, you get there by eliminating the obsolete parts of the old Windows program and adding the latest, most powerful Windows technology. This is how your mental computer works, too — you must reprogram to move ahead in your life.

You can take to heart a lesson from Forrest Gump. You can become unaware of your ‘boundaries’ and surpass them. Your abilities are limitless. Once you remember to forget your imagined boundaries, you are free.

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Chantal Helene
Source – Dr. Steve G. Jones