From the young age of 10, I was overtaken by the constant fear of vomiting, often referred to as Emeotophobia.

It was a time of constant panic of being afraid of vomiting, in public or being present while others are vomiting. Before starting my years at University I decided that I had to sort myself out as I would be in a completely alien place, exposed to others which might trigger the vomiting phobia.

I then contact Chantal who helped me overcome the phobia. With NLP and hypnotherapy – a method used by qualified therapists, for reprogramming and breaking any negative cycle at the subconscious level. As illogical as it may seem the subconscious had linked a number of negative emotions mainly fear to the very thought of vomiting.

I now feel that I am more in control of my life than I ever felt before. Emeotophobia really affected my life. My heart goes to those who are suffering right now from this or any phobias as it is impossible to control it yourself as much as you would try. So I would urge people to take control and seek help.

Laura C – University Student



I have known Chantal for many years.   Following personal challenges, she embarked on a journey of her ‘self knowledge’ and entered into her true self i.e. her Spiritual Self. This led her to the present day of becoming an excellent professional therapist of great understanding and knowledge; which in turn has a very positive effect on her clients. My sessions with her were very fruitful and liberating.

I was sceptical of hypnosis but Chantal explained very clearly and simply how she would be conducting her session which gave me the trust to proceed. Although I went into a deep state of relaxation, I was conscious of my surroundings. This is when Chantal explained to me about the mind frequencies, being in an Alpha state – the Alpha State is the doorway to our subconscious. In a Hypnotic state we are still in control and the Therapist doesn’t take over your conscious mind. Chantal took me through the session step by step and helped me deal with my ‘issue’ very gently and professionally. I am now convinced that hypnosis is a powerful tool which can be used to remove negative emotions and bring about hopeful and positive expectancy to health and happiness.

I would highly recommend Chantal and have complete confidence in her ability in helping others deal any issues they might have.

Neelam Sharma – Holistic Therapist, UK



I had some Life Coaching sessions with Chantal and this has helped me immensely and I feel that now I am back on track with all my aspirations – career, personal growth etc.
Chantal helped me identify my core strength which I have used to help me progress in achieving my goals. We worked together on a GROW Model (a well known technique used for problem solving and goal setting in the business arena- It’s application can be used in everyday life also). It became so clear and apparent to me that I had wisdom within myself which I could use to transcend the challenges I was facing. I would recommend Chantal to colleagues.

Anne Norton (Therapist) UK



I had the Virtual Gastric Band and I was amazed to find that after 4 weeks I had lost nearly one stone and now I have lost a total of 2 stones. I am not at my target weight yet but I have incorporated her program within my daily life now. The program involves how to stop overeating and control cravings. It is also a system for re-pattering your thoughts and attitudes about Yourself.

Rina Antonio UK



I have been working with Chantal to identify my dream and vision with clarity

Chantal helped me approach my career goals by first identifying how it will impact in other areas of a balanced life which sometimes we tend to miss out on. I was introduced to The Wheel of Life which consists: health, finances, relationships, growth, recreation and spirituality and how to make it work for us.

I knew exactly where I wanted to be, but didn’t know how I would go about achieving and working towards my Big dream. As a Life Coach Chantal helped me draw up a plan within SMART (Specific, Measurable, Agreeable, Realistic within Time) and we looked at all the challenges I would have had to face and how I could overcome them by drawing on the resources, within myself, which are my strengths with new-found confidence. Now I know exactly what I need to do, taking into account contingencies and how to handle those challenges. My plan now fit together into a comprehensive model which I am excited to action.

In the final session I learnt how to use NLP techniques before a football game to help me get in the zone and avoid negativity which can hinder one’s performance. I must admit I feel amazed about how a Life Coach can awaken your full potential

Eric Clermont – Football Head Coach and Player –Long Island City, New York



It has been a pleasure working with Chantal. I have suffered from depression for a number of years now and haven’t been able to find a good therapist to understand what I’m going through.
Working with Chantal has enabled me to understand how depression works and the cycle of depression; I learnt the truth about antidepressants and I’m glad that I’m not on any antidepressant at the moment.

Chantal used a whole holistic approach to help me recover. At the outset I had clear specific goals to achieve and they covered diet, exercise, interacting with others; managing emotions (calming down negative emotions such as anxiety, ruminations etc.) and maintaining a regular sleep pattern. She then used NLP, Hypnotherapy and Counselling; I must admit the whole therapy sessions helped me immensely in my recovery. Chantal, I am so grateful for all your help, thank you so much…..

Francette Lechelerd, France



I worked with Chantal on some phobias which I experience since childhood. It was amazing that after few sessions of hypnosis I managed to conquer those phobias for good.

Beth Revan, UK



I always wanted to give up smoking and found it very hard to stop. I then decided to have a session with Chantal. After few sessions, I was amazed to find out that I just didn’t have the urge or need to smoke anymore. I then wanted to test myself, I was on holiday in France and decided to go to a bar where everybody smoked, this didn’t affect me at all and in fact I didn’t feel the need to have a cigarette. I must admit I was shocked to find out that just few sessions with Chantal would be so effective. It’s been 6 months now since I can proudly say that I am a non-smoker.

PactC – Student – UK



I was diagnosed with cancer of the kidney which became the most traumatic experience of my life – I must admit that facing cancer can throw even the most self-assured individual into a crisis. I felt confused, bewildered and frightened. This is when I contacted Chantal.

Her support was invaluable when I had to face my operation. After I had my operation I felt the need to do some “inner work”. The experience I had was amazing, after each session I was in a state of peace and harmony within myself – I have been meditating now for the past 20 years but had never felt this sense of peace, spaciousness and a sense of connectedness with the life of the world around me.

Fearing the cancer was not an issue anymore in fact I came to embrace the pain and the uncomfortable emotions which came with it.

The spiritual sessions helped me feel more compassion and kindness and allowed me to let go of pain and sufferings. I came to realise that I was not the Cancer; it was just an experimental part of my life. Connecting with to the feeling of aliveness within and letting go of the mental noise can only be experienced and achieved, but I believe from my experience, only at the subconscious level

Louis Maurice



I am sincerely honoured to recommend Chantal. In my honest opinion, Chantal’s approach of NLP and Hypnotherapy is out of the box, notably in issues addressing my weight loss. Hypnotherapy was very relaxing as I found. I did in particular enjoy the inner work during sessions as it was something newly introduced to me. Inner work made a rewarding change, gave me time to speak about my struggles and feelings, rather than always focusing on my “target weight”. I have never experienced or participated in inner work until I began my sessions with Chantal.

Chantal would always be reassuring, patient, and honest in explaining the whole process especially what to expect despite my initial apprehension. She made it rather easy to open up. I always felt safe and tranquil during our sessions. Chantal also provided me with advice on how to change and maintain my diet through a variety of options, such as nutrition or exercise. I did lose weight whilst on the programme but have not managed to reach my target weight as I didn’t carry on with the sessions due to a new job commitment which involved shift working hours. I feel continuing sessions with Chantal would have allowed me to reach my target weight, no doubt.

Gabi Militello, UK



I was suffering from severe depression. I stopped working and didn’t feel that I could cope any longer. After a few sessions with Chantal I felt as if a heavy burden had been lifted. I felt a sense of lightness. I was stunned how the sessions lifted my spirit. Even my friends noticed the difference in me and commented on how well I looked. I still carry on applying some of the techniques that Chantal passed on to me such as concentrating on the breath on a regular basis in order to “get out of the mind” which sometimes can drain you of life energy, mainly if we keep dwelling on negative thoughts.

Marie Aline Constant, France



I believe everyone needs a Coach mainly those who are seriously thinking of achieving their full potential. Working with Chantal helped me gained an understanding of my core strengths and growth areas. Chantal has provided me with a framework within which to change the way I viewed life. She helped me focus, take action and move forward. I am grateful for all the help she has provided me.

W. Edwards, BT Group plc.



From Redundancy to taking my career to the next level

Chantal is a great listener and a great motivator. She can be described as someone who strives to bring the best in the people she works with. I was coached by Chantal recently as I was faced with the possibility of being made redundant. We were asked to apply for a number of jobs within the organization and depending on suitability; they would identify those they would keep hiring to work for the company and those who will be leaving.

When I worked with Chantal she helped me focus my energy on advancing within the organisation, seeing myself still in the workplace doing the work I was always passionate about. She made me realize that in life we can create our own luck but firstly we had to define our exact goals, then seeing ourselves achieving those goals successfully. Through the use of NLP techniques I was able to stop dwelling on the fact that I was seeing myself without a job and also to let go of fear and panic which started settling into my life.

I was able to build instead higher self confidence, enhancing my communications skills and seeing my life as more fulfilled and happier. I was to apply for jobs at the level I was at within the company instead I took the decision of applying for a promotion which was a risk-taking, because there was around 20 candidates going for the same role within the organization

To my amazement I was called to attend an interview. Again Chantal got me prepared for the interview. I was given NLP tools and techniques on for example “how to get into the Zone a technique applied usually by sports men and women” which was to see myself at the interview being relaxed and confident, being challenged by the interviewer and handling all the questions confidently and in a charismatic way”.

Again to my amazement I was then contacted and was offered the job and I couldn’t believe it, because at the time I was only concerned with being able to carrying on working and having a job. I have to say I totally agree with Chantal’s point of view that you can create your luck!
I would highly recommend Chantal to anyone looking to maximize their personal and professional potential

Jacques Clermont – Professional



I was suffering from an alcohol addiction and couldn’t get out of the addiction. I was also suffering from depression and obviously the alcohol addiction made me feel worse and helpless. Chantal did suggest that I joined the AA when I first contacted her. I did attend couple of their meetings but I could not open up and share my story to other people. This is when I approached Chantal. She made me feel so comfortable and I felt I could trust her. She also showed empathy towards me. When I worked with Chantal I would feel so relaxed straightaway and also I felt as if all negativity of my life had somewhat cleared. After few days of sessions I had stopped drinking. Although I was a bit sceptical about the therapy sessions at first but now I can’t believe that this process has helped me to heal and change my life. I am now looking forward to a bright future. Thank you Chantal

Ash Patel – Kenya



Chantal helped me immensely with my career prospects. Being a technician I always wanted to move up the ladder and apply for a managerial role but lack confidence to do so. Chantal helped me build confidence within myself. Through our coaching sessions, I soon learnt that confidence is much more than just a positive feeling in your body but rather an attitude and approach to life that leads to success, motivation and new possibilities. I can gladly say that I obtained the managerial role which I always dreamt of.

Franco C – Comet Services



“How to Empower your Life”

Chantal was working on ‘one to one’ sessions and not only did the clients relax, but myself and others watching/listening also went into a deep state of relaxation so much so that we almost felt asleep!! Just goes to show how powerful her sessions are, yet gentle and the message is instilled subliminally. N Sharma

I felt the Seminar was very interesting I particularly find the NLP techniques useful and the Yoga Laughter was hilarious. Caroline

I found the seminar very useful and will be using the techniques shown – Linda