Dip.Hypnotherapy, Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP, Life Coach Practitioner, Member of the National Council for Hypnotherapists (NCH), Registered for Evidence-based Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (REBHP).


I started my career with one of the leading telecommunications company within Europe. I have worked with a number of professionals around the world. I have mentored, coached and trained those professionals in not only the principles of marketing and management but particularly their self-development.

Having had a deep understanding of the issues they face, I managed to successfully inspire and motivate those individuals in achieving their goals and reaching their full potential.

Due to ill health I had to leave the corporate world. This is when I started to experience the healing powers of  clinical hynotherapy. When I fell ill, I was in a state of panic but then resolved in finding ways of healing myself through alternative remedies. I decided that I couldn’t put my faith solely in the medical establishment and started researching into various therapy modalities available that could help me get back on my feet again. Through my research, I then realised that health starts in the place that most people don’t even think to look for it: your mind.  Candance Pert clearly said “Our body is our Subsconscious mind”.

I use different therapy modalities, but was particularly drawn to the techniques developed by the genius mind of Dr Richard Bandler, the founder of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). I also used Paul McKenna’s reprogramming techniques toward a better health. I was amazed at the results. All those techniques enabled me to consciously train and direct my subconscious mind towards achieving my goal. I then decided to take qualifications in Hynotherapy and NLP. I was very fortunate to be trained by Dr Richard Bandler himself, Paul McKenna and Michael Neill.

I feel passionate about what I do because my story bears the testament of the powerful potential that we can heal ourselves. I want to be of value to others by sharing my own experience, my struggles and triumphs to catapult others into their greatness



Are you ready to make a difference in your life, whether it’s:

Acquiring higher self-esteem and self empowerment?

What are your feelings about health, money, work and relationships with others?

Do you want to find and maintain a strong connection with your spiritual source?

What would you do or be if you knew you could never fail?

What’s holding you back?

Can you let go of old limiting beliefs and open to new supportive ideas?

Do you want to integrate and balance all aspects of your life and function successfully in the world?

Do you want to acquire some tools and techniques to assist you in the ongoing process of developing and balancing all aspects of your life?

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